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We require a $1000 deposit with each Stump Grinder order. This deposit is not refundable if you cancel your order.


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Will they buy their machine back after you have used it for several months or years? We have a buy back program for machines in good working order!  Call for details.

Alpine Stump Grinders - Brush Cutters - Trenchers

Portable Stump Grinder Stump Cutter

Our Portable Stump Cutter will match grinding speeds
of the larger models at around 1/3 of the cost.

You can now order replacement parts for your Alpine Stump Grinder
through our on-line store

We also offer replacement wheels and teeth for big grinders
featuring lower cost, higher durability and less maintenance.

Alpine Rhino replacement wheels for stump grinders

Our Portable Stump Cutter can:
  • Cut a 12" stump in under 8 minutes and a 24" stump in less than 20.
  • Digs trenches and holes.
  • Clears brush.
  • Prunes and removes roots.
  • Special designed cutter teeth reduces risk of kick-back
  • Low initial outlay, running costs and maintenance.
  • Can be carried almost anywhere.
  • Will grind to 20" or more below ground level.
  • Can be used in confined spaces, between slabs etc.

Grind out stumps that most other people can't even get to!

Why should you buy our Alpine Stump Grinder?
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 Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder - At 88 pounds it's lightweight, portable design cuts stumps, prunes roots, digs trenches and clears brush without the need for a trailer to haul it at 1/3 the price.

The Alpine Magnum is perfect for any stump-grinding application, which makes it ideal for the small-business owner. Time is money--and this highly portable stump grinder allows you to get in and out with maximum ease. Out stump grinder excels at even the largest of stumps, and due to its slim profile, you can grind those stumps even if rocks and debris surround them.

Our customers typically earn between $100 and $150 per hour grinding stumps with the Magnum, and the income is year-round. Because the Magnum doesn't require a trailer for transport, and because it only weighs 88 lbs, you have year round accessibility to job sites such as golf courses and cemeteries--locations with delicate turf and well-maintained landscaping.

The cutting speed of the Magnum is phenomenal--it cuts as fast as a Rayco 1625 Jr., or a Vermeer SC 222 at 1/3 the price. Additionally, liability insurance for the Magnum is only about $40 per year, instead of $1200 for most trailer model grinders. This makes our stump grinder inexpensive to own and use--not only saving you time and money, but also without sacrificing performance.

Many larger landscaping companies own an Alpine Stump Grinder for use alongside larger equipment--such as an excavator mounted stump grinder. They keep the Magnum on hand in case the excavator comes up against a stump it can't cut, due to either proximity to a building, or just a delicate surrounding landscape.

Also, at only $4 per hour for fuel, it saves them a lot of money compared to an excavator--where transport alone is enormously expensive. Also, the Alpine Stump Cutter is an excellent trench-digging tool, and when outfitted with the optional trench-digging teeth, it becomes perfect for cable and sprinkler laying. Because of its clean-cutting action through soil, it can dig trenches through lawns and gardens without causing damage to the surrounding environment.

Why should you buy our Portable Alpine Stump Grinder?
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