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V-belt Replacement
Follow these steps to replace the v-belt on the Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder.

  1. Remove the clutch cover which has an ( Alpine ) decal or engraved ( Alpine ) into the cover.
  2. Loosen the motor mount so there is slack in the belt and remove the motor from the machine by removing bolts or nuts that hold it to the motor mount.
  3. Remove the Top Guard.  It has ( Danger ) decals on it.
  4. Remove the right hand chip guard that has a yellow caution decal on it.
  5. Remove the side cover.  It has a Magnum decal or engraved with Magnum into the cover.
  6. Remove the shank cover that has 8 screws securing it. Some shank covers are 3/8” thick aluminum and others are 1/16” thick stainless steel.  If you have the stainless steel shank cover style, follow these steps:

 Remove the shank cover which is a thin piece of sheet metal with 8 small screws holding it in place. You must apply heat to the small screws or they will not come out, they were assembled with loctite. A small propane torch will work for this procedure. If you strip the socket area so you cannot turn the screw, you will have to use a hacksaw to saw a slot in the head of the screw to use a slotted screw driver to remove them. Be sure you do not saw any deeper than the depth of the hex hole or the head of the screw will break off.

  1. Remove the 3” diameter bearing cover that has  4 small screws in it using a 9/64 hex wrench. You do not need heat to remove these screws or any other screws other than the 8 screws in the shank cover previously mentioned.
  2. Remove the ½” bolt that is behind the 3” bearing cover using a ¾” wrench.
  3. Remove the 7 bolts that hold the bearing housing to the unit using a 3/16 hex wrench.
  4. Use 2 straight medium size screwdrivers to pry up the bearing housing off a ¼” dowel pin located at the 9:00 position.
  5. After lifting the bearing housing off, you will see how to remove the belt.
  6. When you go to assemble after replacing the belt make sure that you did not dent any of the parts where the mating surfaces go together, if they are dented just use a file to make the surface flat then reassemble in reverse order.

Note:Use 290 loctite on the small 8-32 screws
         Use 242 Loctite on ¼” screws and bigger