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We are so confident you will like our stump grinder we offer this guarantee, If you don't like our machine you can return it for a refund on a pro rated basis.

What our Customers have to say
about the Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder

I just wanted to thank you for letting me visit your company on very short notice and giving of your time and advice so generously. I will be proud to have such a great tool to work with. Thanks for your obvious commitment to quality of workmanship and service. God bless you and your employees ---- P. Johnson - SC

You guys have fabricated a beautiful machine, I'm impressed. I have been in the fabricating business a long time and this machine is one of the best I've seen. --- Norman H. -- LA

Keith, I have been meaning to get back to you since I received the grinder. It exceeded all of my expectations!  It was a quick 45 minutes to put it together. I could not tell it was not a new machine!!!! It was soooo clean and well packed. It went together smoothly and I fired it up and went to work. It arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon. By 4;30 I had earned back about 1/4 of what I spent! I can't believe how well it grinds. It is faster than the Rayco super jr. I have been using. I have to say that I was a little doubtful about how well it could perform but those doubts are gone. I think it is incredible. Thank you for hooking me up with a great machine. Thanks again for the great machine and service!
Austin M. - New Jersey

I want to thank you for recommending Calvin.  He came on time, worked hard for four hours straight with your marvelous machine, removing 55 stumps from 4 to eight inches in diameter, and charged a fair price for his work.  A really nice guy.  And the machine you designed did a great job. 
Jim L - Toluca Lake, CA

Your machine works very well, much better than I expected. Due to the increased confidence in the ability of the Alpine to do any job, we have decided to close our Tree buisness to specialize in stump removal --- Dave R  -- Auckland, New Zealand

I knew the stump cutter was quality when I first saw the box it came in. It was well packed in a sturdy box. The photos and instructions made it easy to assemble. As a former Lockhead guy who spent lots of time at Boeing, I know superior work when I see it. I commend your company on the workmanship apparent to the eye and to the folks who designed and built the machine. As a semi-resident of sweden, I can't wait to show my fellow Swedes the workmanship of your machine when I return to sweden later this year. They too appreciate something well built.
Paul L. - Bedford, NH

Alpine Machine not only builds a great product, they helped me track down and recover one of my machines that was stolen.
Ed H. - San Francisco, CA

The Alpine Magnum stump grinder works great near fences or on steep slopes in addition to the normal stumps.
Gordy D. - San Diego, CA

We have the Alpine go with us everywhere.
Dan - Denver,CO

I'm happier than a pig in slop. The Magnum is a great lightweight machine that cuts fast for its size.
Yale W. - Southern,CA

I'm impressed with the things I can do with The Magnum. It's a great compliment to my big machine.
Terry M. - IL.

The machine works great. We really like it. This thing cuts much better than I was expecting - Doug M. - BC, Canada

I can't thank you enough for helping find and retrieve my stolen machine - Mason S. -- Los Angeles, CA

I've only had the machine for 2 weeks and it is almost paid for -- Mark F. -- Bremerton, WA

Our machine works great ! I plan to get more as we expand --- Tony P. --- Nebraska