Stump removal


HMBA-Hoosier Mountain Bike Association
Brown County State Park, Indiana

With 16,000 acres of pristine forest and steep ridges, Brown County State Park in southern Indiana has had Hoosier mountain bikers foaming at the mouth for years. Off-road trails have been closed to everything except equestrians and hikers.   Cyclist volunteers under the supervision of the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association have been building a trail system in the park. Building the trails required a full crew or workers before they bought one of our stump grinder / brush clearing machines.

               Portable stump grinder grinds large stumps
Crews working on the bike trails before they used the Alpine Magnum stump grinder / brush clearing machine.

Bike trails with our stump grinder   
Now one man with our machine can do the same job as a full crew in half the time.
The Alpine Magnum with its trenching guard allows easy excavation on steep slopes as well as on level ground.

30 inch plus benchcuts are a breeze with the Alpine Magnum.

The result is over 5 miles of trail in dramatically less time using the Alpine Magnum.

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