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We are so confident you will like our stump grinder we offer this guarantee, If you don't like our machine you can return it for a refund on a pro rated basis.

Alpine Magnum Photo Gallery

The Alpine Magnum is the most versatile machine on the market. Not only can it grind stumps, cut brush and dig trenches but it can do so in very restricted areas. It can easily work in corners and next to walls and fences. The slim design of the Magnum also allows for easy storage and transportation.

Working in Tight Spaces
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Need to remove a stump in a small back yard or on a deck?  The Alpine Magnum is the machine for you.

Working on Slopes
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Hill sides and steep slopes are no problem for the Alpine Magnum.

Out of the Way Places
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Our machine can go anywhere to cut trails, grind stumps, clear brush and dig trenches.

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Our stump grinder can operate next to fences and buildings and won't damage a lawn.

Portable yet Powerful - Only 88 lbs
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Only 88 pounds yet can cut a 24" stump in 20 minutes.

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Watch videos of our stump grinder in action.

Look at what the Alpine Magnum can do:

  • Perfect for removing unsightly stumps from either residential or rural property.
  • Working on slopes, behind fences, on roof tops, or in tight spaces is no problem.
  • Shallow trenching for sprinkler systems, cable TV, and electric dog fences are quick and easy.
  • A highly versatile, and adaptable tool for landscapers and tree care professionals.
  • Stump grinding, Trenching, and Brush cutting - all with one machine.
  • Clearing brush is easy with our pivoting aluminum leg design.
  • Many applications for the tree care professional.
  • Utilizing 6-9 Hp ( 2 cycle ) motors we can cut as fast as a 25Hp conventional stump grinders
  • Rototilling bench cuts on side hills is easier and faster than hand tools.
  • Especially suited for grinding stumps in difficult areas
  • At 88 lbs. it’s easy to lift in or out of a vehicle and the slim design allows for easy storage and transportation.
  • Designed from the ground up to be user friendly while remaining fast, portable, and powerful.
  • So versatile you can make trails for bicycles, race tracks for motorcycles, or make terraces for erosion control.
  • This highly portable design allows the Magnum access to stumps that other grinders won't even touch.
  • Tracing roots can be accomplished by parallel or cross grain cutting.
  • Pruning roots is easy and virtually eliminates tree trauma.