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We are so confident you will like our stump grinder we offer this guarantee, If you don't like our machine you can return it for a refund on a pro rated basis.


Brush Cutter

Basic Machine With Trencher Guard (Steel or Aluminum leg)

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Clearing Brush:

Clearing brush is easy with the Alpine Magnum stump grinder. Because this machine utilizes a 4800 rpm cutting head and razor-sharp carbide-tipped teeth, the Magnum can trim through brush and overgrowth in seconds. 

In the above picture, the Magnum is being used to prep an area for development. While the Magnum can't compete with a bulldozer for sheer speed, it can  remove brush from sensitive work environments near houses and on the edges of prepared grounds such as cemeteries and golf courses. You wouldn't even dream of hauling a bulldozer over well maintained turf like that --but at only 88 pounds, the Magnum is more than ready for the job.

Portability and Versatility:

Because of its lightweight brushing leg, the Magnum far outperforms the traditional brush removal tool of the landscaping community - the chainsaw. Chainsaw blades simply dull to quickly when clearing brush - not to mention the danger involved with swinging the chainsaw around at full throttle.

The Magnum's brushing leg allows you to cut a precise swath of brush, and then advance the machine as you clear out more. This means less wasted effort and greater safety while cutting.

Additionally, since most brush and undergrowth is near ground-level, the Magnum performs far better than a chainsaw--unless you're willing to risk back injury by holding the chainsaw near ground level. The Magnums balanced suspension lets you trim the brush in any location with a minimum of effort.
Usually when cutting brush, you encounter a mixture of growth including plants, dead branches, live sapling trees, and stumps. The Magnum is the only tool that can tackle all of these very different types of growth without having to switch tools. This means a savings in time, as well as eliminating the need to transport several different machines to and from your job site.

Our brush cutter can be used to cut trails much faster than hand tools.

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