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Basic Alpine Stump Cutter (Steel or Aluminum leg)

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Stump Grinder
Stump Grinder

Stump Removal:

The Alpine Stump Cutter was designed to be a versatile, multipurpose stump grinder and trench digger. It utilizes a 4800 rpm cutting head and carbide-tipped teeth to cut into stumps faster than other stump grinders costing up to 3 times the Magnum's price.

The Magnum shown above is grinding a large tree stump, demonstrating the key advantages of its design - speed, portability, and power.  The Alpine Stump Cutter uses a set of 6 highly sharpened carbide-tipped teeth to cut through stumps rapidly.   

 Operator Friendly:

The Alpine Stump Cutter is designed to be operator friendly utilizing a balanced cutter head minimizing vibration.  The machine is balanced to allow operator comfort while operating in many different applications. 

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Stump Grinder on slope Stump grinder in tight spaces
Pictures of our stump grinder on a slope. Click here for larger view.
Pictures of our stump grinder in tight spaces. Click here for larger view.

The Alpine Stump Grinder can be used to cut trails much faster than hand tools.

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The Alpine Stump Grinder can go anywhere!
Click here for larger view.

Stump removal on a rear deck.
Click here for larger view.

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