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We are so confident you will like our stump grinder we offer this guarantee, If you don't like our machine you can return it for a refund on a pro rated basis.

Lawn Care Lawn Care

Basic Machine With Trencher Kit (Steel or Aluminum leg)

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Lawn Care:

The Alpine Magnum offers several features that make it an excellent tool to have handy when working on lawn and garden renovation. The Magnum was designed from the ground up to be user friendly while remaining fast, portable, and powerful.

The Alpine Magnum is a highly effective trench digging machine - its advantages in portability, speed, and power make it the perfect tool for digging trenches up to 20 inches deep. This trench digging conversion allows the Magnum to create precise trenches for a variety of purposes.

The Alpine Magnum is especially suited for digging the narrow trenches that are best suited for sprinkler system installation. These narrow, deep trenches are also well suited for installing underground telephone or cable TV conduit and wiring.

The Magnum's trench digging capabilities also allow it to be a highly effective tool for uncovering tree root systems.

Trench Digger    Residential trenching     Residential Trench

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Our machine can be used to cut trails much faster than hand tools.

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