Residential Trench Digger

Residential trench digger  

When outfitted with its trench digging package, The Alpine Magnum is perfectly suited for digging trenches for sprinkler system installation, cable laying, and edging around concrete sidewalks and lawn fixtures.

The secret to the Magnum's performance in trench digging is speed - utilizing it's rapid 4800 rpm cutting head, the Magnum is capable of digging a 20 inch deep trench nearly as fast as you can walk the machine. Another advantage to the Magnum for trench digging applications is its high portability. The Magnum can get in and around nearly any work environment, and with its highly versatile stand, the Magnum is easy to control and move.

The Magnum is especially suited for installing sprinkler systems because of its high rpm engine and the ease and maneuverability of use. When installing sprinkler systems, you don't want to have to rely on a bulky, cumbersome four wheeled machine that might not even give enough clearance to put sprinkler lines near the house, patio, or garden fixtures.

The Magnum is great for sprinkler systems trenches because it's easy to use, light weight, and can fit into the back of a pickup for transportation. Additionally, it's easy to control trench depth and it can easily negotiate corners and uneven land surfaces. The 20 inch trench cutting depth is more than enough for most sprinkler systems, and perfect for other lawn embedded lines, like cable or underground telephone wires.

Unlike rototillers or other commonly used ground-breaking machines, the Magnum cuts easily through most small roots and clay. This can save a lot of time, especially in work environments with shallow topsoil.